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About Dr. McCord

Dr. David McCord grew up in Hopkinsville, Kentucky.  His father, Dr. Gerald McCord, was a family practitioner there for many years and inspired the best in his son.  Because Dr. Gerald McCord was a juvenile diabetic, he personally understood how medical conditions could affect every aspect of one's life.  His compassionate medical practice became the model of care Dr. David McCord wanted to emulate in his own spine practice.

Dr. David McCord graduated as valedictorian from Hopkinsville High School and summa cum laude from Vanderbilt University.  Following medical school at Cornell University, he did a surgical internship and orthopaedic residency at Duke University.   Dr. McCord completed his spine fellowship with world-renowned spine surgeon, Dr. Paul McAfee, formally of Johns Hopkins University.  Dr. McCord became board certified and has practiced as a Spine Specialist in Nashville for over twenty years with his care limited to spine, neck and back related issues.

In the early 1990s, Dr. McCord was instrumental in the development of semi-flexible disc cage replacements and participated in the original FDA study.  Dr. McCord's pioneering work, combined with guest surgeries and lectures across the globe, helped lead to major changes in the field of back surgery.  Today, disc cages are commonly used throughout the world.

Dr. McCord's progressive insight into back and neck treatments for over two decades has improved the lives of countless patients. In 1993, he designed and implemented a minimally invasive technique and instrumentation to become the first surgeon to replace a disc with a cage through a scope.  He has continued to redesign and improve disc cages with subsequent new FDA approvals, and his insight has led to a patent application.  He remains dedicated to refining surgical treatments for optimal patient satisfaction.

Dr. McCord believes the best outcomes start with a thorough diagnosis.  In 2008 he spearheaded bringing Upright MRI technology to Tennessee.  This revolutionary Open MRI offers imaging in weight-bearing positions previously impossible to obtain.  By scanning the spine in the position pain occurs, diagnostic capabilities can be over 50% more accurate than with traditional lie-down MRIs.

Accurate diagnoses combined with advanced treatments form the basis for Dr. McCord's goal for favorable outcomes. Dr. McCord has many times successfully treated patients who had previous unsuccessful surgical interventions elsewhere.  He strives to improve patients’ symptoms with little or no residual pain, restore their active lifestyles and reduce or eliminate their need for pain medications.

Dr. McCord believes successful patients tend to be well-informed and secure with the decisions they make regarding their healthcare. His practice works to educate patients on their specific anatomical problems, the natural course of the issues if left untreated, and the treatment choices including conservative care. If surgery is an option, the chance of a good outcome is discussed along with associated risks of an unexpected outcome. By providing this information patients are empowered with their decision-making process. Spine, neck and back surgery is almost always an elective procedure and ultimately must be the patients' choice.

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