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Patient Testimonials

Dr. McCord sees patients from many different social and ethnic backgrounds with a wide range in ages.  Their spine problems vary from recent onsets to old unresolved ones.  However, there is a common thread.  The effects of back and neck pain are debilitating, impacting the quality of life of patients as well as those closest to them.

Dr. McCord's successful spine practice in Nashville, Tennessee and Hopkinsville, Kentucky, has been attributed in part to happy patients telling others about how their lives changed after seeing him. Often in our spine clinic comments are heard like: "Dr. McCord gave me my life back", "I don't know where I would be without Dr. McCord", "I wish I had come here sooner", "I have told so many people to come see you", etc.

It is understandable how difficult and scary it can be to find a doctor to trust with one's health issues, especially if there were previous unsatisfactory experiences.  Dr. McCord wanted real people with real stories to genuinely speak from their hearts to encourage others.   These videos were unscripted and minimally edited to represent so many who Dr. McCord has helped over the years.

The testimonials reflect the range and complexity of spine cases Dr. McCord manages.  Mixed in with simpler cases are ones that other surgeons may not have the background, experience, nor desire to tackle.  Dr. McCord frequently sees patients who have had failed surgery or surgeries, who are dependent on pain management, and who have multiple level spine problems.

Please view our customer experiences with an openness as to its intent.  It is not meant to convey guarantees or outcomes, but to let website viewers hear from others who have dealt with similar problems.

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