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Through Better Technology, Better Techniques​ and Better Treatment

There is Hope For A Pain Free Life

Our office is actively monitoring the COVID-19 virus.  While we remain OPEN, the health and safety of our patients and employees remains a top priority. We are seeing patients with urgent and acute injuries and are following CDC recommendations to help prevent exposure and spread of the virus

No Back Pain Case Is Too Complicated To Evaluate!

Meet David H McCord, MD - Board Certified Orthopaedic Spine Surgeon

Dr. David H. McCord - Spine Specialist

Dr. McCord has successfully treated patients suffering after previous surgical interventions.

His Unique Practice – 20 Years in the Making – is Designed to Bring Hope & Provide Solutions for Complicated Spine Problems.

Dr. David McCord is a native of Hopkinsville, Kentucky where he graduated as Valedictorian.  He completed his undergraduate training at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee summa cum laude before attending medical school at Cornell University in New York City.  He did a surgical internship and orthopaedic residency at Duke University, finishing as Chief Resident his last year.  Dr. McCord continued his training in Baltimore, Maryland with world-renowned spine surgeon, Dr. Paul McAfee, formally of Johns Hopkins University.  Dr. McCord is board certified and has practiced as a Spine Specialist and Spine Surgeon in Nashville, Tennessee for over twenty years with his care limited to treatments of the spine for back, neck pain and failed back surgeries.

"We are NOT a pain clinic, NOR is our goal to keep you on a drug & shot regimen. Our purpose is to provide an opportunity for a more normal quality of life, with activity you may have been told is impossible."...D.H.M.

Have You Experienced

  • Multiple Surgeries Without Relief

  • Little Relief From Pain Medication

  • Existing on Narcotics and Shots

Have You Been Told

  • Your Case is Hopeless

  • The Pain Is All in Your Head

  • No Procedure Will Relieve Your Pain

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Office Hours: 8am until 5pm Monday-Friday

A True Medical Pioneer in the Treatment of Spine Pain

There are many different back and neck conditions that have presented to Dr. McCord during his lifetime of medical practice as a "Spine Specialist".  However, a few problems occur most commonly.

To keep this informational site from becoming encyclopedic and overwhelming, it will concentrate on explaining basic spine anatomy and the more prevalent spine abnormalities.  However, Dr. McCord's practice is in no way limited to just these basic issues, and he evaluates and treats many other conditions.  

Information about back and neck problems and treatment options not addressed here but which are specifically pertinent to individual patients are generally explained in the office in the same manner as the more common ones.


Hopefully, those viewing this site will get a glimpse into Dr. McCord's bedside manner.  He feels it is of utmost importance that each patient understand his/her spine condition.  At times visual aids such as illustrations, spine models and the patient's specific test studies may be used to explain in layman's terms diagnostic and treatment options. 

Dr. McCord believes that his successful outcomes can be attributed in part to mutually respectful relationships with ease of interaction, understandable explanations and realistic expectations.  Each patient is treated for their individual uniqueness, whether they have a commonly seen problem or one less often diagnosed.  Dr. McCord's compassionate care exemplifies that patients are more than just a number or a diagnosis.

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